Our mission is to save the lives of animals while enriching people's lives.

Our Story

It has been a long time coming...

Our Founder has always had a love for animals......

Before she could walk she was in love with animals.  her  family's first dog was her BFF before she even knew what that meant.  

From that point on she always wanted to be around animals.  If it wasn't their own family addition, it was a neighbors, a friends or a family members fur baby that she could not wait to once again have in her company.

Her first cat, was a kitten that was afraid of her own shadow.  At 13 years old, Christina would find herself feeding this scared little kitten under her bed afraid she wouldn't eat otherwise.  Soon this scared little kitten became the sweetest most affection kitten, spending every moment she could close by Christina's side.  

Fast forward a few years, her family adopted their first dog from a shelter.  

She was there the day after they were born and knew right away which one would complete their family.  The mother of the soon to be new addition, had been tied to a tree, pregnant, outside of their local shelter in middle of winter.  Even  before hearing that story she begged to take more than one, if not all of the puppies and the mom home.  

That puppy, that they named Amber soon became the love of her life.  Amber would steal socks, chew on shoes, and cry in the middle of the night wanting the comfort of someone near.  Christina's dad, who at first stood his ground on not letting the puppy into his bedroom, now was sleeping with this little one on his chest.  Hearing his heartbeat calmed the little pup, named Amber and instilled and even greater sense of compassion into the family. 

This sweet blue eyed coon mix now shared Christina's heart with her beloved cat.  The care and compassion she showed often had her father saying, " I hope when I come back into this world it's as one of your pets". After losing her father a few years back, she hopes this to be true.

For years Christina and her family has supported many organizations through volunteer work and donations.  So instead of spreading some here and there, she decided she wanted to start a rescue.  A safe haven for pet moms and dads who have found themselves in the unbearable situation of possibly giving up their beloved family member.  Fast forward to today, and White Knight Animal Rescue, Inc. has become that safe haven.  A small rescue with a big heart and the passion to find loving homes for these  sweet souls.